Vertical take-off and landing aircraft - VTOL. The device has the advantages of both aircraft and multi-rotor systems - a large radius and flight time, along with vertical take-off, landing, the ability to hang at a given point...
25 kilograms
4 kilograms
25 m/s
up to 2 hours
up to 100 kilometers
up to 3000 meters
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Grand Chimera

Grand Chimera is a multi-purpose, electric, hybrid aerial vehicle of aircraft type with vertical take-off and landing with a carrying capacity of up to 10 kg. The device is able to take off and land both as a helicopter and as an airplane, and hang in the air if necessary
10 kg
100 km/h
90 minutes
60 km
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Demon-T is a multi-purpose, electric multi-rotor aerial vehicle (copter) with tether power unit
5 kg
Not limited
100 meters
10 m/s
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Pilum is remote controlled buzz bomb (suicide drone) with a warhead mass of 2 kg in the version with a propulsion system, and 5 kg in the version of the gliding bomb. It can be controlled by the operator, or guided on a target with known coordinates.
2 kg
100 km/h
30 minutes
50 km
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Light multi-purpose unmanned aerial vehicle of aircraft type.
2 kg
50 km/h
3 hours
150 km
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Demon-E is a multi-purpose, electric multi-rotor aerial vehicle (copter).
7 kilograms
40 km/h
30 minutes
20 km
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