Demon-T is a multi-purpose, electric multi-rotor aerial vehicle (copter) with tether power unit.

A feature of this vehicle is a modular architecture, including:

  1. Module for fixing beams with electric motors having the ability to quickly assemble/disassemble or replace the beams;
  2. Power supply module of a battery type for an autonomous copter, and equipped with a voltage converter for a “tethered” version;
  3. Communication and control module including autopilot, on-board computer, and transceiver;
  4. Power frame.

The copter layout with upper, above the beams, location of a battery compartment provides better alignment of the vehicle, high maneuverability and reduced power consumption.

The payload is attached to the bottom part of the vehicle on a unified mounting unit, has a unified interface, and can be:

  1. Gyro-stabilized optical station;
  2. Signal repeater;
  3. Diagnostic equipment and etc.

The Demon has fully digital/network architecture of control and communications system providing the transmission of high-resolution video with minimum delay. The network architecture allows a grouping of vehicles to work in a single network, interacting with each other, as well as with other ground and surface systems.

5 kg
Hover altitude
100 meters
Maximum wind speed
10 m/s